Introducing: PFC Settlement

Processing PFC Payments has long been a tedious, manual process.  Between writing checks, physically mailing them, following up on lost or misplaced checks, canceling and reissuing lost checks, and auditing the whole process, the work adds up fast.

“The checks in the mail” We have all heard that line a thousand times, but unfortunately sometimes it’s the truth.  Managing and reconciling dozens of checks from dozens of sources each month is no small task, and it only gets bigger when the checks don’t arrive on time and need to be reissued.

Instead of waiting for the check in the mail, you can now choose the better option.  With PFC Settlements you simply receive a single aggregated deposit from participating airlines into your U.S. Bank account on a scheduled date, with full visibility and reporting throughout the process.  That’s it.  No more tracking payments, chasing checks, or waiting for the mail.  Just your money, on time and effortless, every month.​

Joining PFC Settlements means the immediate end of all that work with participating airports. By leveraging the existing ACH framework and expertise, all of the time and money spent wrangling and tracking paper checks, paperwork, and paper invoices disappears.  Instead, in its place is a fast, modern settlement platform designed to save you time and money while providing real time process status and reporting.

The best part?  You are most likely already using the ACH platform for your interline billings.  Don’t take our word for it, just walk down the hall and ask your coworkers what they think of our process.

“PFC Settlements through ACH has helped steam-line our process and is very easy to use.  With the efficiencies gained and great customer service from ACH, I am incredibly happy to have joined and will continue for years to come.”
-Andrew Alexy, Manager, Revenue Accounting at JetBlue Airways​

“The PFC Settlement solution with ACH is so easy and is saving us a lot of time! I also love the fact that we no longer have to worry about late fees or checks getting lost in the mail. It simplified our process tremendously, not only with the monthly payments but also with the quarterly reports.”​
-Lori Foley, Director, Revenue Accounting at Virgin America

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