Passenger Facility Charge Settlement

Take the paper out of the paper trail.

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Managing, reconciling, and auditing paper checks are daunting tasks. The airline industry is growing exponentially; IATA forecasts passenger demand to double over the next 20 years. Save time and resources by simplifying your passenger facility charge settlement and quarterly reporting processes with ACH.

How It Works

Airlines Remit

Participating airlines remit the total PFC amount due into their U.S. Bank account.

ACH Settles

Based on payment amounts submitted by airlines, funds are distributed to airports.

Airports Receive

All airports receive one aggregated payment, amounting to the total PFC amounts due.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I sign the Agreement, how long until I can participate in PFC Settlements?

As long as we receive notification from U.S. Bank that your account has been opened, PFC Settlements can occur within a few days.

Does this cover Quarterly Reports?

It does!  You supply a monthly or quarterly file to ACH, and we’ll use it to send quarterly reports to all airports, with copies to you.  For full details and file formats, see the PFC Handbook.

What happens if someone doesn’t pay?

ACH provides numerous reminders to debtors to prevent that type of situation. In the unlikely event a debtor does not remit sufficient funds to its U.S. Bank account to satisfy its indebtedness amount, all payments from that debtor will be excluded from that settlement. However, if the debtor remits payment no later than 12:00 Noon, local time in New York City of the next business day, ACH may authorize U.S. Bank to perform a supplemental settlement to include payments from the delinquent participant.

How do I adjust an amount from a closed sales period?

Provided the settlement for that sales period has not occurred, contact ACH by email at or by phone at 202-626-4144. If the settlement has occurred, you must work directly with the other participant(s) to determine a solution.

I’m already an ACH Participant, how is this different from my ACH Settlements?

SIS is not utilized, as there are no invoices. If you already have a user ID for CARC (the ACH Claims and Reports Center) you will use that same ID for PFC Settlements. ACH settlements will continue to be processed four times each month, whereas PFC Settlements are processed on a monthly basis only.

What happens if I need assistance during an audit?

We’re here to help. Your auditors may contact us at for verification of payments.



*plus bank fees

How to Join

    1. Review and return the PFC Reporting and Remittance Agreement.
    2. If applicable, open a U.S. Bank account.
    3. Establish access to our secure web app for your users.

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