PFC Settlement Calendar

Download 2018 PFC Settlement Calendar

Download 2017 PFC Settlement Calendar

Sales PeriodSystem OpensSystem ClosureFinal Settlement ReportsSettlement DateChecks MailedPFC Reg Pmt Date
Jan 2017Jan 19Feb 20Feb 21Feb 23Feb 24Feb 28
Feb 2017Feb 21Mar 22Mar 23Mar 27Mar 28Mar 31
Mar 2017Mar 23Apr 20Apr 21Apr 25Apr 26May 1
Apr 2017Apr 21May 22May 23May 25May 26May 31
May 2017May 23Jun 21Jun 22Jun 26Jun 27Jun 30
Jun 2017Jun 22Jul 23Jul 24Jul 26Jul 27Jul 31
Jul 2017Jul 24Aug 22Aug 23Aug 25Aug 28Aug 31
Aug 2017Aug 23Sep 21Sep 22Sep 26Sep 27Oct 2
Sep 2017Sep 22Oct 22Oct 23Oct 25Oct 26Oct 31
Oct 2017Oct 23Nov 20Nov 21Nov 24Nov 27Nov 30
Nov 2017Nov 21Dec 20Dec 21Dec 26Dec 27Jan 2
Dec 2017Dec 21Jan 18Jan 19Jan 25Jan 26Jan 31
Jan 2018Jan 19Feb 19Feb 20Feb 22Feb 23Feb 28
Feb 2018Feb 20Mar 22Mar 23Mar 27Mar 28Apr 02
Mar 2018Mar 23Apr 19Apr 20Apr 24Apr 25Apr 30
Apr 2018Apr 20May 21May 22May 24May 25May 31
May 2018May 22Jun 21Jun 22Jun 26Jun 27Jul 02
Jun 2018Jun 22Jul 20Jul 21Jul 25Jul 26Jul 31
Jul 2018Jul 21Aug 22Aug 23Aug 27Aug 28Aug 31
Aug 2018Aug 23Sep 20Sep 21Sep 25Sep 26Oct 01
Sep 2018Sep 21Oct 22Oct 23Oct 25Oct 26Oct 31
Oct 2018Oct 23Nov 20Nov 21Nov 26Nov 27Nov 30
Nov 2018Nov 21Dec 20Dec 21Dec 24Dec 26Dec 31
Dec 2018Dec 21Jan 22Jan 23Jan 25Jan 28Jan 31


Sales Period:  During the open period, enter the payment amount for PFC’s collected during this month, less refunds and collection compensation.

System Opens:  At 00:00:01 AM, ET, on this date, payment information for the sales period may be entered or edited.

System Closes:  At 23:59:59 PM, ET, this date, payment information for the sales period may no longer be entered or edited.

Final Settlement Reports:  At 00:00:01 AM, ET, on this date, final Settlement Reports for the sales period are available.

PFC Settlement Date:  Net debtors must deposit sufficient funds into their U.S. Bank Account by no later than 2:00 p.m. EST. 

Checks Mailed:  Checks to non-Participating airports are generated and mailed on this date.

PFC Reg Pymt Date:  Remittance date as required per CFR.